Top 5 Fashion Trends That You Should Know About

Every season the fashion enthusiasts wait for the latest fashion trends. The fashion weeks that goes on during the year are mainly the representatives of the latest fashion trends.

People even follow their favourite celebrity when it comes to fashion. Here we are going to look at the latest fashion trends.

Marigold yellow

This colour has been trendy for some time now. Though the colour mainly suits summer or spring season, you can also have your winter wardrobe with this colour by being a little creative.

To complement your look, you can choose marigold coloured shoes, bags, and accessories as well.

Animal print

This trend seems to stick around. People love animal prints and you must have spotted several celebrities with this type of outfit. Well, animal print is still the latest trend and as winter is here you can have jackets or sweaters made of animal print.

Snakeskin, leopard prints, zebra stripes, and other options are available for you. You can wear boots with animal prints too.


Patchwork is creative and it can make outfits more colourful. Designers like Libertine, Diane Von Furstenburg, and others have created outfits using patchwork this year. Not only in clothing, but you will also find patchworks in accessories like boots as well.

Bike shorts with blazers

Now, this is something you may not have noticed before. Bike shorts with blazers are trendy now and you will see women wearing it to the gym, office or even informal occasions.

Puff shoulders

This is the latest trend in sleeves. The puff shoulders are ideal for dresses and blouses and somehow reminds of the 80’s fashion trends. It is a very fashionable daytime style.

These are the latest trends in fashion now. If you want to stay fashionable all the time then you must follow these trends.