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Our blog is quite popular among those who want to know more about fashion, travel, and lifestyle. We want our readers to know about the latest trends and news in these sectors.

We always update our blog with new articles so that the readers have something new to read every time they visit our site. We want to make our blog more appealing to the readers and that’s why we invite guest artists to write for us.

If you belong to the fashion or travel industry or if you have an interest in these topics then you can write for us. We are looking for writers who are experienced and will be able to write well-researched articles. If you are interested, you need to follow certain guidelines.


We want you to write original articles. Your article should be 100% plagiarism free and we will verify it using software. The word limit is between 500 to 800 words and we encourage you to include relevant images with the articles.

We request you to provide a short author bio and a link to your website. That way the readers will learn about you and will also be directed to your site. Your articles must be checked for grammatical and typing errors.

Every submitted article must be unique and share a new and fresh perspective, we are not looking for anything that repeats what we’ve already published.

Before submitting an article you should first send us a sample of your previous writing. Once we approve it, we will ask you to write for our blog. If we like your writing, then you may also get the opportunity to join our team permanently.

We appreciate your interest in writing for us. For any further inquiries, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.